Wednesday 25 March 2015

Youth Forum and Regional Conference on Child Online Protection

23rd March 2015- Children for a Better Digital World Forum, and 24th and 25th of March - Regional Conference on Child Online Protection, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Sangeet Bhullar from WISE KIDS; Kate Pawelczyk from Voices of Youth, UNICEF; Sandra Cortesi from Youth & Media, Harvard Berkman Centre for Internet & Society and Amanda Third from University of Western Sydney co-facilitated a Youth Forum workshop with a group of young people from Malaysia entitled - 'Children for a Better Digital World'.

The aim of the youth forum was to work with a group of young people in Malaysia, and to understand their online experiences and to work with them to highlight key issues that affected them, which they wanted government and other stakeholders to address, in relation to positive and safe Internet use.

These views were then presented to the Malaysian government and other stakeholders at the 'Regional Conference for Child Online Protection, organised by The Ministry for Women, Children and Community, MCMC and Unicef Malaysia - in a youth panel session with 6 youth, which was chaired by Sangeet



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