Thursday 6 March 2014

International Women's Day - Big Girls Blog Brunch - 7th of March, 2014 Pencoed, Bridgend, Wales #bgbb14

Picture of @mindhiver taken by @RightmoveAddict & shared on Twitter

It was wonderful to be re-united with a wonderful group of women @mindhiver, @SAW_HQ, @HelReynolds, @JulietFay @LauraEmilyD @RightmoveAddict amongst many others - following on from last year's 'Mostly Women Doing Digital Event' -Feb 25th 2013.

Today's event was titled the 'Big Girls Blog Brunch' (Twitter Hashtag #bgbb14), and it was supported by the lovely folk from @SAW_USW. A great morning choc full of insights and expert knowledge and sharing. But also warmth and informality - there was a buzz, and it was wonderful to have a few hours to sit, learn and reflect on how we blog, share our expertise and knowledge online.

The following was my brief presentation. Do get in contact if I can help in any way.

 Thank you too for the kind tweets :)

See the following for a throwback to last year's 'Mostly Women Doing Digital Event' -Feb 25th 2013 :)

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Feb 21st 2014: Leading a WISE KIDS workshop in Geneva for ITU-COP (Child Online Protection) Partners

Prior to Feb 20th 2014, I had never been to Geneva, so I was doubly pleased to have been invited on behalf of WISE KIDS to deliver an interactive workshop for ITU-COP (Child Online Protection) Partners from all around the world. To find put more, have a look at the blog created for the training session which captured many of the insights gained from participants as well as their next steps.